Gratitude Attitude

Hi! I'm Ashley, and I am thankful for everyday of my life, and below, I want to share with you a quick and simple way to improve your life instantly.

One way to really improve your overall health (social, emotional, mental, and yes, physical health) is to practice the art of appreciation everyday. The more and more your mind in is the realm of gratitude, the more  quickly you will start to see improvement in every aspect of your life. Whether it is reading articles, listening to podcasts, or downloading ebooks, the very fact of being in a grateful state of mind will greatly improve your life.

Here are just a few simple ways it can do so:

Makes us happier- A daily gratitude journal can increase your overall happiness by 10%. It changes your outlook on life, and attracts much more positivity.

Makes us healthier- Studies show that keeping a gratitude journal proved greater sleep quality, less physical pain and negative physical symptoms,  greater vitality and increased energy, decrease in blood pressure, and more time one was willing to spend exercising.

Makes us more selfless- It’s true that the same people are self-centered, constantly thinking about only themselves, are also often times ungrateful. Gratitude causes you to look outside of yourself and see the beauty around you; it is an ego dissolver. It can also be very useful in self-esteem therapy, the more you actually love and appreciate yourself, the less you judge and ridicule others (and even yourself)

Makes people like us- Gratitude generates social capital. Being a person who is grateful, appreciative, and positive creates deeper relationships, because people feel comfortable and good around you. They will start to crave your up-lifting energy.